Check to see if you qualify

To see if you may qualify for MetroPlus Medicaid Managed Care, Child Health Plus or Family Health Plus, please answer the following questions. The result that you receive is not final. Even if you are not eligible according to this tool, you may be eligible, especially if you or someone in your household is pregnant. Please call 800-475-METRO (800-475-6387) or TTY 800-881-2812 to talk with a MetroPlus representative.

What is your zip code?  
Number of people in household age 19 years and older?  
Number of children in household under 1 year old?  
Number of children in household 1 to 5 years old?  
Number of children in household 6 to 18 years old?  
What is your family income (in dollars)?
How often is your income received?